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The Power of the Word


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"Soul, a moving river. Body, the riverbed." - Rumi


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny markers compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The mediation techniques used in the CD's vary.

Some will focus upon sending your consciousness outwards to link with the Divine Planes and to strengthen your awareness of Source Energy. You will sense of how vast your spirit is. This enables you to understand and learn how to translate light.

Others will require you to become very deeply rooted within  your physical body, grounding your energy system and finding the Universe within. You will travel to the deepest part of yourself. There the subconscious waits with an abundance of wisdom that can transform your life.
All the meditations celebrate the Divine within you.

You are a magnificent being of light everlasting.

Guided Imagery and Visualisation are a form of meditation that is so simple all you need to do is close your eyes and go wherever the journey takes you.

Below are just some of the benefits you

will receive from regular practice.


  * The more you use the meditations the better you will become

     at visualisation.

  * Inspire and motivate.

  * Enhance intuition and creativity.

  * Energy levels and health improves.

  * Imagery that evokes emotion and sensation has more impact.

  * Music enhances your relaxation.

  * The powerful words strengthen the mind-body connection.


our DNA is the eternal storybook
of all your possibilities.
It is the weaver
of the many tales encoded within your cells.
Gently it calls for you to awaken.
It is the poetry of your soul.
Tara A Morgan 

The meditations were created to bring the listener into a closer relationship with their own sense of Source Energy

They gently cut through all notions of separation, acting as a powerful invocation to sweep away all outmoded ideas and beliefs.


While on your inner journey you will experience many shifts as your vibration lifts and becomes more refined.

Your internal world will become more vivid as you experience and utilise greater amounts of light within the pineal gland.  

Truly you will understand how to expand

the boundaries and remove the restrictions of everyday reality.

Practiced on a regular basis many illusions will fall away.

You will become aware of yourself as a divine, 

multi-dimensional being, a significant part of the


All that Is

                                  You are the creator of your life.

                     You are the Art of God made manifest.


 "Behind every word energy flows." Sonia Choquette

      I consider human affection or compassion,
to be the universal religion. whether a believer or a nonbeliever, everyone needs human affection and compassion, because compassion gives us inner strength, hope and mental peace.
Thus, it is indispensable for everyone.

Tenzin Gyatso, The Dalai Lama



You are flesh and bone, an electrical being,

a hologram of divine light.

          You are of the earth but linked to the stars,

    a multidimensional being,

              an eternal spirit with seedings in many realities.

You have walked many paths with many left to come.

The wheel of your life is forever turning.

 Tara A Morgan


 You are the codex of your life...
the energetic blueprint of the Divine Spirit within you
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The Power of the Word
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